Our School

Our main focus is to provide a strong academic program through a rich and broad curriculum consisting of a common and comprehensive core curriculum, exploratory courses, and electives. It is evident through campus displays and performances that the visual, performing, and practical arts are integral to the school. Critical thinking, study skills, and basic skills are heavily emphasized. Students leam through a variety of ways that may include hands-on activities, working with a partner or in a group, complex instruction, and the use of multi-media. The Sinaloa Curriculum Compass, a cooperative effort by teachers to translate frameworks/standards from the State and District to the site level, serves as a guide and ensures consistency and continuity in English, social studies, science, math, and the visual and performing arts.

Our Academic Performance Index (API) scores over the past three years place Sinaloa in the top 10 ranking statewide. Students also win high honors and awards in county and state competitions in music, math. Algebra I, and Margie Burke Speech competitions. In the past, Sinaloa received numerous Golden Bell Awards, a county award for outstanding programs, in Peer Tutoring, Mathematics, A Clear Vision (Civics Education), and Student Activities. Our 8th grade Mathletes had a successful season competing in 4 competitions involving 18 schools, our 8th grade team captured 2nd place for the season. Ninety percent of our Sinaloa Algebra students consistently score the highest honor possible in the Golden State Examinations (GSE).

Sinaloa is proud of its unique curriculum programs. The math department initiated a transitional instructional program to assist and prepare students who move to a higher-level math. Project STRETCH, a summer enrichment reading program, was launched for all incoming 6th-8th grade students. The eighth grade Constitution Assembly culminates hours of study. K.N.O.W. our public address system and homeroom activities open each school day. Great ideas of mankind or inspirational and motivational readings, poems, announcements, and relevant information are presented. The Thursday Afterschool Club offers assistance to resource and regular students. A Homework club is supervised three days a week by teachers who volunteer their time after school and finally, teachers are advisors to ten dynamic student organizations.

Over the years, teachers have collaborated to create and maintain instructional tools. For example, the sixth grade department developed social studies kits that are rotated among the teachers, and they organized a science supply room for ready access to equipment and materials. The English department (6-8) developed a Sinaloa rubric for writing and assessment programs called Rites of Passage, Grammar Assessment Preparation, and Sinaloa Writing Domains. The science department developed a Sinaloa nature walk guide for use in one of their units. These and others exemplify the dedication of a staff and the high standards to which they adhere.

Sinaloa’s technology program is facilitated by a technology coordinator and is funded by the local A+ for Kids parcel assessment. A site technology committee determines the needs and use of technology at school in conjunction with the NUSD technology plans. Computers and other technology are available in computer classes, in the computer lab, and in the Library Media Center. Students and teachers use computer software, video cameras, television, projectors, and video microscopes. A new technology plan is being developed to expand the use of the lab and to encourage science, music and core use.

The Library Media Center is the hub of the school as a center for information and research, a resource for print materials, a teaching lab for research and for using technology for research, a place for quiet study and a place for various student and staff gatherings. It is warm, inviting and alive with activities throughout the day. The library media specialist provides valuable assistance and instruction to students and staff in support of curriculum.

Sinaloa provides a wholesome, positive and safe school climate, balancing work with play, high academic achievement and extensive student activities. Throughout the school, students and adults promote respect, character, citizenship, responsibility, appreciation and acceptance of equity and diversity. Students receive training in the WEB program that links student to student, a peer conflict resolution program, a leadership training class, and Project Wisdom. There is a cross-age mentor program with our feeder high school, San Marin.

High standards of behavior are expected and are clearly explained and presented to every student in numerous ways. The student planner outlines Sinaloa’s standards, expectations, and consequences and NUSD policies. These are received, reviewed, and understood by every student. Positive rewards are given in the form of Saintly Saint Cards, Student of the Month awards, participation cards, recognition on K.N.O.W. (our public address system) and in our school newsletters, and throughouti individual classroom management systems.

Students are actively involved in school as participators and leaders. We are proud of the student council’s leadership in carrying on a tradition of a varied, well-established, and popular student activities program. The many events occur throughout the school day, after school, and at nights and provide opportunities for cooperation, fun, and sportsmanship. Memorable experiences are the Game Zones, Turkey Trot, and Friendship Day; the athletic competitions between students and teachers; and Family Fun Night for the entire family. The Care and Builders Club is instrumental in landscaping and beautifying the campus. The Environmental club organizes the school’s recycling program on campus and work in the community as well. The peer-coaching program, established many years ago, enlists students to help other students in their academic work. CJSF members give hours of community service. Students participate in speech, math, track, and music competitions. The leadership class finds ways to make Sinaloa a better place by offering assistance, by recognizing the work of others, and by taking on educational projects. Students make Sinaloa a stimulating and exciting place.

Parents and community members are our partners in the education of students. Parents are active in their children’s learning and participate in many ways at school. Many assist teachers in and out of the classrooms. The PTSA, the Music Boosters, the classroom volunteers, and the School Site Council/Leadership Team are very generous in their support of time and energy. Many supplementary programs are possible because parents have raised monies to fund them. Sinaloa has an effective communication system for parents that includes regular reporting to parents, parent visitations, montUy newsletters home, notices, assemblies, telephones calls, surveys, call-out system and conferences.

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