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Welcome Families,

Our PTSA organization’s goal is to contribute to the Sinaloa’s success by providing support to our children, staff and community.  The PTSA volunteers are invaluable in making this happen.  Together we provide many activities, programs and fundraisers that encourage every student and their families to be a part of Sinaloa.

Through our main fundraisers; the annual PTSA membership drive, magazine sales, Family Fun”D” Night and book fair, we purchase supplies, equipment and materials for our teachers and students to increase their academic growth.  The PTSA also funds several school wide enrichment programs such as the Algebra Academy, homework club, and parent education events.

The PTSA along with the Associated Student Body (ASB) have many events planned throughout the year.  Friendship Day, Spirit Days, and Holiday Food Drive, just to name a few.  These events give our students the opportunity to make new friends and be a part of the Sinaloa community.

None of this can happen without your help.  Volunteering as little or as much time as you can helping out at an event, activity or program, makes a difference.  There are plenty of opportunities to share your talents with our children.

The 2009-2010 Executive PTSA Board and Event Chair Roster (this is the link2009-10 PTSA Roster (2)

lists the names, phone numbers and e-mail of who to contact to get involved in our school.  We encourage you to read our Newsletter via email to keep up with the current events, meetings and programs put on by the PTSA throughout the year.  Information and updates by the Principal and staff are also included.

We encourage you to come to a PTSA meeting on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6pm in the Library.  Find out what’s going on at our school, what’s coming up, and what you would like to see.  Your voice and vote count.

Working together for all students,

Kim Damico                   Kim McClure               Heidi Walewander                Linda DeFilippis

President                     Vice President                  Treasurer                             Financial Secretary

Nancy Boyd                 Chandos McEowen                    Valerie Arrow

Secretary                             Historian                                Parliamentarian

Patty Franklin                                                            Kit Gabbard

Teacher Representative                                           Principal

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